2014 twingo 3

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At the 2014 Geneva auto show, the new 2014 Twingo 3 was reveled. This car will feature an rear mounted engine with rear wheel drive. The main reason for this unusual drive train setup is an class leading turning radius of only 8 meters. A rear engine rear wheel drive hatchback should be a real fun car to drive. Reanult has also said that you will be able to turn off the traction control.

Another picture of the 2013 Range Rover L405 leaked

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2013 range rover l405

Yet another picture of the 2013 Range Rover L405 have leaked. This picture is probably from the factory where Land rover is piling up new Range Rovers ready to deliver. This time the picture is quite blurry, but it still reveals even more about the upcoming 2013 Range Rover.

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Facelifted 2013 Audi R8

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Audi has officially revealed  the new facelifted Audi R8. The changes is not particularly drastic but includes an revised front bumper and grill, new LED running lights. In the back we will find  an new diffuser and tailpips.

The model lineup stays mostly the same, but Audi has added an new, top of the line  R8 V10 Plus edition. Which features carbon reinforced plastic body panels as the previous R8 GT. It also comes with an power increse to 550 hp compered to the normal R8 V10 525 hp. 0-100 kph (62 mph) time is shaved by 0,1 second compered to the non plus model 3.6 second 100 kph sprint. The V8 model will have 430 hp and 0-100 is done in 4.3 sec

The first cars will be delivered in the end of this year.

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2013 Range Rover L405 first pictures leaked

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2013 Range Rover l405

For the first time a picture has come out that reveals the the new 2013 Range Rover.  The sales is expected to start late 2012.

According to rumors the car will be much lighter then the current model, thanks to an aluminium intensive chassis that comes from the Jaguar XJ, as well as composites in body panels. The curb weight is expected to be lowered as much as 400 kg. This will have an positive effect on driving capabilities ans fuel consumption.

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Source: Motor Authority

Chris Harris tests the Ford Shelby GT500 and Chevrolet Camaro ZL1

Here is an nice video of Chris Harris testing the Ford Shelby GT500 and the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1

The new 2014 Range Rover Sport L494 spotted

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The new Range Rover Sport code named L494, has been caught on picture. It is due to arrive in the second half of 2013 and is expected to be in the same price segment as the outgoing model. As seen on the photos the car will have more copue like profile with design ques from the new Evoque. The new sport will also be wider and lower then its predecessor. As its upcoming big brother the range rover – it will lose weight with the use of more aluminium in the chassies. The outgoing Range Rover Sport have an wight of nearly 3 tonns. Land Rover engineers is probably aiming for Cayenne/Touareg weight for better road handling.

The new Range Rover Sport is also expected to feature an 3rd row of seats, but judging form the size of the car it will be most suitable for children. As for engines, we will provably see an similar line upp with as before, with v6 diesels and petrol engines, as well as the big 510 hp v8 from Jaguar.

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Source: Carmagazine

Bentley EXP 9 F video and pictures

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The Bentley EXP 9 F made its premiere at the Geneva motor show in march. The car did not make the best impression on motor journalists. But that does not mean bad car sales in the end. It seems like Bentley will still push this design, they have just released an video and some pictures.

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Source: Carscoop

Mechatronik´s 1971 Mercedes 280SE vs 2012 CL63 AMG

Here is an nice review from car and driver, where they compare the new 2012 CL63 AMG with the Mechatronik´s 1971 Mercedes 280SE.

Mclaren MP4-12C spider

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Mclaren have now officially released its MP4-12C spider. It will feture the same engine  as the hard-top version, which means the new slightly tuned one. Resulting in 616hp instead of 572. 0-100 is calmed to be 3.1 sec. The drop-top reduces the topspeed to 204 mph instead of 207 as the hart -top. Mclarens carbonfibre monocoque, which is the base for the MP4-12C will keep the spider version as rigid as the coupe.

The droptop folds up or down in 17 seconds and the construction is somewhat similar to the The Ferrari 458 italia spider version. One feature that sets the Mclaren apart from the Ferrari is the fact that even the spider version has the transparent engine cover. The price in US dollars is  $265,750

Sorce: Autoblog

2013 Range Rover l405 interior caugt on picture

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The new Range Rovers interior has been caught on picture.  You definitely recognize this as a land rover interior, but in an updated form. Noticeable are the larger then before, touch operated screen on the console.  The pictures indicate the luxury we are used to see in Range Rovers.

This car has also been caugt with it s exterior wearing minimal disguise often lately. Which indicates that we are getting close to an official reval. What we can espect on the tecnical side is an weight diet and possible hybrid drivetrains

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